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Reflective Citizens Discipline

has been created in Serbia by two psychiatrists, training group-analysts and psycho-analytic psychotherapists from Belgrade, dr. Marina Mojović and dr. Jelica Satarić – initially out of their wish to apply therapeutic community experiences to the traumatized communities in the field (during the “Horrible Nineties – Destruction of Yugoslavia and its aftermaths). Carefully combining psycho-analytic, group-analytic, group-relations, Listening posts, Bridger’s transitional, social dreaming and therapeutic community traditions, as well as, thinking together with citizen-participants, citizen-conveners and colleagues, they developed a new psycho-social discipline, which provides:

  • spaces for psycho-social dialogues (learning-through-experience);
  • open for all interested citizens, highly appreciating diversity (ethnic, class, political, religious, gender, age, education…);
  • free of charge, as a voluntary activity;
  • joint learning of participants and conveners the ‘art-of-listening’ and the ‘art-of-dialogue’ –  “transforming hate into culture of dialogue (Pat de Mare, 1991, Koinonia).

It is based on the:

  • trust in the capacity of raw human exchanges;
  • need for citizens co-creating the true dialogue culture and citizens responsibility;
  • adaptability to local needs and possibilities;
  • sustainability for keeping the basic human values and of the discipline;
  • multiplication in diversity of citizens situations.

Serbian Reflective Citizens & Reflective Citizens Koinonia (RC Koinonia)

Reflective Citizens Koinonia grew out of the Serbian Reflective Citizens psychosocial discipline: initially conceived in the early 2000 as the Belgrade Reflective Citizens grass-rooted community practice, the method further continued developing and spreading into different parts of Belgrade, then various towns and villages of Serbia (Novi Sad, Kosovska Mitrovica, Užice, Ivanjica, Niš…), other parts of ex-Yugoslav region (Bosnia & Herzegovina, Slovenia, Montenegro) and wider.

Reflective Citizens Koinonia became a community of cooperating reflective citizens communities practicing this psychosocial discipline, which is now embracing a vast field of activities: series of workshops (as the basic building-blocks), organizing committees,  coordinating bodies, Belgrade Training for RC-conveners & RC-organizers, Belgrade Training for Social Dreaming hosts, local and international Belgrade conferences, applications to organizational consultancy including social systems (like designed meetings of local community with police), new Serbian RC-branches like “traveling RC” or “spiritual RC”, publications, etc.

Reflective Citizens Koinonia is homed in the Psychosocal Section of the Group Analytic Society Belgrade, created and chaired by dr.Marina Mojović (email:, mob.+381637787642)

Drustvo Grupnih Analiticara Beograd

The last new born community of the RC Koininia is the Italian Reflective Citizens: the first two RC-workshops held by senior group analysts Alice Mulasso and Marina Mojović in 2019 in Chieri near Torino is inspiring further development of RC in Italy and other countries,

Important is the cooperating with similar/sibling citizens reflective initiatives/practices like are: Sandwich model in Israel, Dallas Diner Tables, the Poland of the Couch.

Poland on the Couch project

Poland on the Couch is an initiative started by group analysts (Institute of Group Analysis Rasztów) aimed at building a safe space for conversation – the basis of social life. Its roots date back to 2014, when an international conference Poland on the Couch – about the strength and fragility of the individual in the contemporary global world seen from the perspective of social and psychodynamic psychology was held. During the conference, analysts together with representatives of the world of science and the media discussed what was happening in Polish society.

The conference has become an inspiration for the organization of the Reflective Citizens’ workshops held in different cities in Poland, in which representatives of different environments can have an opportunity to reflect on social processes. It also resulted in the cooperation with the Polish Society of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy in Poland.

Methodology of our Workshops

The workshops usually take place in accordance with the following plan:

I. Social Dreaming Matrix (SDM) – an hour and a half free discussion on the subject of dreams told by individual participants of the meeting together with the commentators of the leaders and with reference to the current and past social situation.


Trilogy – moderated by group analysts discussion in three circles on the following topics: What is for me to be a Polish citizen now? (first circle); Reflections on the first discussion, analysis of revealed emotions and main themes (second circle); Placing both discussions in the social context: local and national (third circle).

II. Short speeches of two or three invited guests, which are a free answer to the main subject of the workshop – that is the question What does it mean to me to be a citizen of Poland?

III. A large group, based on a free floating discussion, during which on the one hand we pay attention to the wider social context, but also to the interaction between the participants of the workshop.

The Organizing Committee on behalf of the Institute of Group Analysis Rasztów (IGAR) is formed by Anna Zajenkowska ( and Tomasz Wyrzykowski (

The idea behind the workshops is to activate the local community and facilitate the social process of differentiations and codependency. What is important people from different cities contact us personally or via FB in order to organize such workshops together. It is always free of charge and based only or mostly on the local community effort and of course on ours too. Everybody can join and speak during such meetings. We are open to organize such workshop in any place, should anyone be interested please contact us.


Information on past and upcoming event available at:


Institute of Group Analysis Rasztow



The project resulted also in two books:

Zajenkowska, A. (ed.) (2016). Polska na kozetce – siła obywatelskiej refleksyjności (Poland on the couch – the power of citizens’ reflexivity). Sopot: Smak Słowa

Zajenkowska, A., Levin, U. (ed.) (2019.). A Psychoanalytic and Socio-Cultural Exploration of a Continent. Europe on the Couch. Routhledge: London

A Psychoanalytic and Socio-Cultural Exploration of a Continent. Europe on the Couch is a book that comprises three parts: General reflections; Particular understanding; and Practical interventions. The first and second one concentrate on analyzing processes and dynamics utilizing psychoanalytic and group analytic concepts: from the macro, that is more an European level and from the micro, that is a specific country level perspective. The third part presents some of the current applications of psychoanalytic and group analytic concepts as tools for enhancing national and international change in countries as well as on the “continent as a whole”.

A Psychoanalytic and Socio-Cultural Exploration of a Continent – Europe on the Couch

International Reflective Citizens

New branch of the development of RC Koinonia as a method and community of RC communities

–        Began in spring 2020 and had 3 IRC workshops

–        IRC community of RC trained international hosts from many countries is hosting virtual IRC workshops

–        Management of IRC is in the Belgrade RC Koinonia

–        The last IRC workshop was 21st March 2021 with registered 160 participants from 28 countries coming from 6 continents.

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