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I am very happy to announce the first issue of the EFPP e-journal. Today, when electronic media affects every aspect of our life, and is so far reaching, I see it as an important step forward for our organization to provide an e-journal that can enhance the dissemination of knowledge and information, where psychoanalytic psychotherapists can present new work that will reach many others and enable them to speak meaningfully with each other, and in all languages.

The EFPP is a European wide umbrella organization for all four forms of psychoanalytic psychotherapy: adult, child and adolescent, group analysis, and family and couples. And this makes us unique. The e-Journal embraces this policy. It is dedicated to fostering knowledge and encouraging dialogues among therapists and psychoanalysts from different countries, from different modes and different schools of psychoanalytic psychotherapy.
We come from different countries and speak different languages. We hope that the e-journal will create an experience of belonging to a community that shares a common sensibility, an accepted vision of the complex and subtle workings of the psyche.
In pursuit of this goal we will publish articles reflecting different modes of psychoanalytic psychotherapy, in different languages, and in different formats: theory, exploring new ideas, reflecting clinical practice.
We welcome the submission of papers from all sections and in all languages.
I thank all the reviewers who do such a dedicated job of reading, evaluating, and commenting on submitted papers. I particularly want to thank Rudolf Balmer and Peter-Christian Miest who came up with the idea of an e-journal and encouraged the executive committee to start this project. Special thanks to Peter-Christian Miest without whom nothing could have happened and to Anna Miest for designing the journal.

Gila Ofer, PhD Editor in Chief

E-JOURNAL associate editors

Adult section:
Tomislav Gajic, Serbia
Ake Granberg, Sweden
Jan van de Sand, Holland

Group section:
Mario David, Portugal
Ulrich Shultz-Venrath, Germany

Family and couple section:
Michael Stasch

Manuela Porto

Child and adolescent section:
Cathy Troupp
Christine Leroy

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