The EFPP is a european umbrella organisation that links together national networks of adult, child & adolescent, group and couple & family associations for psychoanalytic psychotherapy that share the EFPP objectives.

The Winner of the EFPP Research Award 2023

The EFPP Research Committee together with the Board is pleased to announce the winners of the EFPP Reward 2023. The winners were introduced and welcomed at the Biennial Delegates’ Meeting 2023. Many thanks to all the applicants for their contributions and congratulation to this year’s winners. Attached you will find more information.

EFPP Large Group Q3 2023

Happening Online on the Following Thursdays
14.9 / 12.10 / 9.11 & 7.12 2023

The EFPP Large Groups in times of Corona (in 2020) and in times of the war in Ukraine (in 2022) were meaningful for many. The EFPP board has come up with a decision to establish a continuous Large Group, a Large group space for EFPP members and associates.

EFPP Book Series Call For Papers

Deadline for Submission is 30 December 2023.

We are pleased to announce a call for papers for a new book. This opportunity is directed to all EFPP members of all four sections and associations. Please find enclosed information from Cristina Calarasanu, editor-in-chief of the EFPP Book Series.


4 Webinars happening on 13 September & 11 October 2023

with Meg Harris Williams, daughter of Martha Harris and stepdaughter of Donald Meltzer, organised by IBUP, the Norwegian Institute of Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy.

Open Lectures 2023 of the Polish Society for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

On behalf of the Couple and Family Section of the Polish Society for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, we share this information on open lectures in 2023.

Several dates (29.5, 26.6, 25.9, 25.11 2023).

JUST LIKE FATHER - International Psychoanalytical Psychotherapy School For Child and Adolescent Psychoanalysis

Gyumri, Armenia October 13-17, 2023

The aim of this project is to develop a professional community of specialists who continue their education and practice of psychoanalytic psychotherapy of children and adolescents in the tradition of the EFPP.

The opportunity to meet, learn and connect in a lively professional exchange is an invaluable experience for every mental health professional.



SAVE THE DATE: EFPP 4 Section Conference 2024

in Warsaw September 27-29 2024 (onsite)

After many years of two section conferences we look forward to the first 4 section conference since Berlin in 2015. We feel this is the right time to come together as the four EFPP sections to exchange ideas and knowledge about Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy in our stormy times.
Please send the SAVE THE DATE leaflet to all members of your organisations and associations.

Book releases from C&A Delegate Deirdre Dowling

We congratulate delegate Deirdre Dowling on her newest books:
“Supervision in a Changing World” (2023) & “An Independent Practitioner’s Introduction to Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy” (2019).

Letter President María Eugenia Cid Rodríguez


Madrid, February 2022


Dear delegates, dear psychoanalytic psychotherapists members of the EFPP community,

In the 21st century, the horror of war has returned to European soil after the failure of diplomatic dialogue and dissuasion. An unjustified and unjustifiable tragedy, which threatens the world order, with unpredictable and warring consequences for the Baltic countries and all Europeans. An invasion that only brings devastation and suffering to the civil population, causing a new and tragic human exodus.

The EFPP strongly condemns this war. Declares itself against war as a means of resolving conflicts and differences. The EFPP declares itself in favour of peaceful and democratic European principles and international law that guarantees the integrity, sovereignty, freedom and equality of all peoples.

The institutional and ethical principles of the EFPP make it a supportive space for dialogue, respect for differences and will always advocate the search for peaceful solutions to all conflicts. The EFPP in such dramatic moments offers itself once again as an open space for sharing, thinking and understanding this experience of violence and madness.

On behalf of the EFPP board and myself, I express our full and warm support, our deep solidarity with the suffering of our Ukrainian and Russian colleagues and their families, and all those who are threatened in neighbouring countries.

We hope for a prompt return to sanity and peace. Our hearts are with you all.




María Eugenia Cid Rodríguez
President EFPP
On behalf of the EFPP Board

[email protected]



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